Different Uses for Facebook Fan Pages

Different Uses for Facebook Fan Pages

Websites, blogs and social networking are driving your marketing and advertising dollars. What could be more innovative and in line with your customers than using a customized Fan page built to capture leads?

Probably nothing.

Build your Fan pages in a way that gives potential clients something in exchange for their “like” or email address –such as an exclusive industry report or other incentive that emotionally compels them into wanting more from your business or service.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur you should have a central focus to capturing leads – namely using social networking.

Custom Fan pages that are designed to capture leads can provide a LOT of value and flexibility when it comes to marketing your business online. You can run polls, surveys, provide giveaways, provide valuable content and at the same time you can advertise.

Not only that, but you get free market research when you try out business-to-customer brand testing where people vote on your products or services.

Most importantly, as a proactive, customer-oriented business you can respond directly to customers and create an environment of engagement, which will multiply your Fan base one hundred fold.

It all boils down to the fact that social networking is a “must” for just about any business today.  People are socializing and they love businesses that socialize with them.  If you don’t take the measures to establish a strong social presence, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Creating and managing your Facebook Fan page could be the vehicle you’ve been looking for to drive your sales into the figures you’ve only imagined.


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