Search Engine Online Resources

We have gathered a list of sites specifically deal with optimizing webpages for search engines. Use it as reference for search engine issues and to increase your knowledge and insights of the latest search engine news in the industry.

HTML Unleashed: Search Engine Strategies Chapter

A nice introduction to the basics of search engine design, taking HTML authors through issues to consider.

About Web Search Guide

Overview of the basics of search engine optimization, with links to many great tools and resources.

Webreference Search Engine Tutorial

Bruce Clay provides a page outlining his optimization strategies.

Search Engine Showdown

Search Engine Showdown is produced by writer and Montana State University Reference Librarian Greg R. Notess. In it, you'll find good content, ranging from organized comparison charts, reviews, strategies to searching and more. In particular, Notess does long-standing surveys on search engine sizes and dead links, as well as providing tutorials and noting search "inconsistencies" for some search engines -- when they don't operate the way they are supposed to. The site is updated on a regular basis.

Search Engine Glossary

Definition of terms relating to search engines, such as phrase search, Boolean operators, stop words and more.


Produced by writer Tara Calishain, this site provides great coverage of news and opinion on search and research tools.

Pandia Search Central

Here you'll find an extensive search tutorial, a guide to search engines and search resources, "Q-cards" with searching tips for major search engines, plus the ability to search Pandia's version of the Open Directory or to meta search.

Google Weblog

Are you Google-obsessive? Then Aaron Swartz's site with posts about all things Google might be for you.

The Spider's Apprentice

Up-to-date information and tips on how to search the web effectively.

Refdesk's Search Engine Resource (cool lists of search engines)

Search Engine and SEM Resource

Search Engine Resource For Serious Searchers

Search Engine Resource Library : Search Engine Wiki

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