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SEO Optimisation is commonly refers to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) , a process of optimising a website structure to improve its visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and thereby increasing its volume and quality of organic traffic the website receives from search engines.

How do you achieve this? Simply by engaging the services of an expert SEO consultant who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and techniques of SEO optimisation.

Proper SEO optimisation ensures high site ranking, which is important in attracting traffic to a site.

The higher a website ranks in the SERP of search engines like Google, the greater is the visibility and chance that the site will be found by respective searchers and potential customers.

Searchers will normally click through the top few sites of the search results page, due to its position as well as relevance information on the title, URL and description. The skills of a SEO consultant will make a vast difference to your search results.

SEO Optimisation helps to ensure that a site is accessible to search engines & increase the probability that the site will be found by the search engine "bots".

Compelling Stats In Today's State Of Search - Importance of Search Engines and SEO optimisation

- Searches are the most popular online activities next to electronic mail, with more than 270 million search queries per day.

- Search engine results are improving by the day on its relevancy and accuracy.

- Major search engines are focusing their efforts on geographic targeting searches, which will have significant impact on local searches and businesses.

- Google alone indexed more than one trillion web pages in its database, and it finds 2 billion pages everyday.

- Forrester research reported that 81% of online consumers find their products through search engines.

- Interestingly, reported in a recent study that only 7% of all websites are visible by the search engines. Which means most websites are not SEO optimised and these websites won't be found by search engines.

Why business websites need SEO Optimisation and services of SEO consultant?

search engines The majority of traffic on the web is driven by few major search engines namely Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL. Google is the market leader with about 67% of the global search share, follow by Yahoo 17%, MSN Live Search 9%, AOL 3% and AskJeeves 2%.

With more than 270 million global searches per day, gaining exposure and visibility on the search engines are essential for any business serious about success in the current environment.

Ranking high in organic search results not only yield profitable source of qualified prospects, it also establishes market leadership and credibility for the company. When a visitor finds your business website through search engines top rank results, the perception is that you are one of the leading companies in your industry.

"Unfortunately, most businesses are ignorant to the powerful presence of search engines, and SEO optimisation. They build their websites without any knowledge and consideration of search engine capability and compatibility."
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If your website cannot be found by search engines, your contents will not be captured into their database, which also means your website is not indexed at all. You will miss out on the incredible source of free targeted traffic available to websites via the search engines.

Search queries, the keywords and phrases that searchers type into the search box, carry exceptional value when the search terms suit the services and products you are selling. Laser targeted visitors to your website can provide exposure, publicity and generate new leads and revenue to your businesses. Investing in SEO optimisation by engaging a Singapore SEO consultant to optimise your business website can yield an exceptional return on investment in the long run.

Do You Want Your Business Website To Be Found By Major Search Engines?

And enjoy more free targeted traffic, more enquiries, generate more sales and achieve a better bottom line.

Do You Want Your Website To Appear At The Top Of Search Engines Results?

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The Singapore SEO Consultant can help you to achieve your dream website ranking!

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