Marketing In The Cell Phone Age: Don’t Get Left Behind

Marketing In The Cell Phone Age: Don’t Get Left Behind

Did you know that while 5.1 billion people in the world own a cell phone, but only 4.6 billion people own a toothbrush?

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, there are even some countries in which there are more mobile phone subscriptions than there are people. How is this even possible?

But with such impressive numbers, it is no wonder SMS text messaging has become such an important marketing tool for businesses.

When it comes to responding to a message, people are 70% faster at answering a text message than an e-mail. Text messages are convenient and instantaneous.

Unlike with a computer or a T.V. set, people carry their phones with them at all times. Are you starting to see what this means for your business?

This is the power of the cell phone. Harness that power to grow your business.

Coupons, special offers, event reminders, billing information, and so much more can be sent through quick, unobtrusive text messages. It is a great way to build up your repeat customer base and create a sense of loyalty among customers for your company.

When combined with other creative forms of advertising, a text messaging campaign can really make your business soar.

Some of your competitors are probably already ahead of the game and are using SMS Text Message marketing on a consistent basis.

If so, some of “your” customers are probably doing business with them on a regular basis. This is totally unacceptable and unnecessary.  You too can harness the power of text marketing and implement your own campaign for very reasonable prices.

If you are unsure about HOW to implement a text marketing campaign, it is advisable that you seek the services of a professional text message marketer.

Once you see the power in this cutting-edge form of marketing, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner… Don’t get left behind.


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