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The most important but often overlooked subject in SEO is building a site deserving of top rankings at the search engines. SEO web design provides the answer in creating a high ranking high converting site for a set of terms in a competitive market or industry must be able to justify its value, or it will risk losing out to competitors who offer better value. Search engines' objectives are to rank the most relevance, usable, functional, and informative sites. By taking into consideration these search engines' goals and incorporating great contents, you can create a high converting SEO web design site ensuring its long-term prospects in the search engine rankings.

SEO Web Design Site Usability

SEO web design site usability refers to the ease-of-use inherent in your site's design, architecture, navigation, functionality and accessibility.
The idea is to make your SEO web design site intuitive to allow visitors to achieve their best possible experience while browsing the site.

SEO web design site usability includes a host of features, namely :

SEO web design site accessibility
The layout and graphical elements of a website have an strong impact and influence on the site usability. In addition, good site contrast, visibility and clear segregation of sections like navigation, contents, advertisements and search bars etc help site users navigate and understand the site's content with ease. A final important point to take into consideration in creating a good usability website is to ensure critical elements like menus, logos, choice of colours and its layout are consistent throughout the whole site.

Information Architecture And Links
The organizational structure and hierarchy of a site strongly affect usability. Categorization and proper organization of topics impact the ease with which users find information they need on your site. An intelligently and intuitively designed structure will seamlessly guide the user to their goals with ease, whereas a complex and unclear hierarchy can make finding information on a site disturbingly frustrating. Besides, organized link structure can provide benefits to search engine rankings.

Ranking WebsiteSEO Web Design Site Navigation
Navigation is one of a website's primary functions, thus providing users with clear navigation systems such as alt tags for image links, breadcrumbs, clear relevantly written anchor text can drastically improve usability performance. A navigation system that provides users to seamlessly ease through top-level and deep pages is critical to good usability.

SEO Web Design Site Functionality
Links, scripts, tools and images are important parts of a website. Ensuring that it works and functions well with alternative browsers and operating systems as they are intended to, will help to create great compelling usability.

SEO Web Design Site Accessibility
Site accessibility primarily means the technical ability of users to access and move through websites without experiencing broken links and error codes. Ensuring that site content is visible and accessible to all browsers, and without special actions required will offer great site usability and are also good SEO practice.

SEO Web Design Site Content
The importance of content cannot be overstated, but its role on usability to site users is often overlooked. Quality content, accuracy of information and relevance description of titles and headlines are all factors that weigh highly to a site's popularity, its ability to retain visitors and gain links.

Overall, SEO web design site usability is about offering a site with great value and ease-of-use towards the users. A high usability site will attract more followers, encourage visitors' re-visit, create a good relationship with users and increase conversion rates.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Pages

SEO Web Design
It is pointless to build a website and not attracting any visitor at all. Major search engines like Google, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask.com are a major source of qualified traffic for most sites.

The question is... How do we attract the search engines and drive incoming traffic to our site?

Although it is an issue many webmasters are struggling with, but in truth it is fairly easy if you know the right techniques to structure and design your site to more search engine friendly.

Search engines like Google use powerful automated programs called spiders (also called "bots" or crawlers) to index websites by following links to pages and reading their content. The spider will record these pages into their own database and will pull out the listing as SERP upon queries by searchers for specific phrases and keywords.

While building a website for your business, you may want to consider some following points to help you make your site more search engine friendly and more easily indexed by search engines.
  • Use meta tags on every page of your website. It will make the search engine robots crawl and index your site more easily and frequently.
  • Use search-friendly text in HTML format.
  • Do not use wrong HTML tags like <font> to style pages. Instead use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as they are more efficient and effective. CSS also helps to lighten your page and load faster as it eliminates redundant HTML tags
  • Do not use frames as it will confuse search engine robots and may even cause them to abandon your site. Moreover, users will have difficulty bookmarking your web page without using long and complicated scripts.
  • Try to avoid using Flash movies or images for important information. Search engine spiders read only text on your source code, and your search ranking may be affected greatly if you present in Flash and images.
  • Text embedded in image file (jpg, gif, png) , Java application and Macromedia Flash file CANNOT be indexed by search engines.

Creating A Professional Looking SEO Web Design Website

Websites, being the hub of online businesses, are the virtual representations of companies. A high quality, elegant and professional designed website will earn the trust and respect of users. Visitors will perceive the company as organised, attention to details and mean business.

On the other hand, a shabbily put together and messy website only brings the message to your visitors that you are not organised. People tend to judge a book by its cover, and that is where a good design comes in. Besides, first impression counts. Usually a visitor will form an impression of a website in less than seven seconds. That's the short span of time your website has to convey the messages of your business through the site's design.

Despite the fact that a professional looking and high quality website is not one of the factors taken by search engines for its ranking, but it does has an indirect influence and impact on the ranking. Trust, usability and popularity of the website will generate more clicks, more inbound links and more re-visiting traffic, thus lead to higher conversion rates and sales.

In conclusion, a professional looking design with good usability and search engine friendly approach are the factors to consider to creating a highly converting SEO website.

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